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Oct 10 104

Look beyond the obvious cultural staples if you are considering aviation jobs in the Netherlands

In much the same way as some foreigners may imagine Britain to still be a land predominantly of bowler hat-wearing gentlemen and red Routemaster buses, so the stereotypical associations of the...

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Oct 09 6

Exeter is a historic and cosmopolitan centre in which to look for your next exciting aviation job

In light of its long-time stature as one of England’s key religious centres, when one mentions Exeter to you, you are likely to be especially put in mind of Exeter Cathedral, which was...

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Oct 08 5

After 25 years as the Slovak capital, Bratislava increasingly impresses as an aviation jobs market

Slovakia may have only become an independent state in 1993 – with Bratislava its capital – but this formerly Communist corner of Europe has recorded stellar economic growth over the...

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Oct 03 239

Malta packs in plenty, despite its modest size and population

Take one glance at the statistics for the Republic of Malta – particularly its 316 square kilometre (122 square mile) proportions and population of about 475,000 – and you might be...

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Oct 02 20

For the finest in the arts, heritage and thermal pools, seek an aviation role in the Hungarian capital of Budapest

Budapest is far from merely Hungary's capital and most populous city, or even one of Europe's fastest growing urban economies. That's because it also has much to commend it for those working with a...

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Sep 28 176

Sofia, Bulgaria: an eclectic, fascinating and unsung destination for aviation professionals

It is difficult to know where to start in any discussion of the charms, attractions and stimulations of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia – not because it has so little, but because it has so...

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Sep 25 193

Emerging pilot shortfall presents opportunities for those seeking aviation jobs in the USA

Given its status as one of the premier aerospace marketplaces, we aren’t surprised here at TARCG to continue receiving many enquiries in relation to Read More

Sep 17 20

Development of Dublin Airport ‘could generate almost 34,000 jobs’

As specialists imparting a high level of expertise in aviation for recruiters to take advantage of, here at TARCG, it always pleases us to hear of...

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Sep 10 27

Jet2 seeks more than 3,000 recruits for positions across the UK and Europe

Individuals pursuing aviation jobs around Britain and beyond will have great reason to take an interest in the latest hiring announcement from Jet2.com. The...

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Aug 31 3792

TARCG joins forces with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to drive even greater results

TARCG joins forces with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to drive even greater results


As the statutory corporation responsible for regulating all aspects...

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Aug 23 45

HR professionals expect significant growth in aviation jobs over coming years

The importance of suitably informed aviation consulting for HR professionals – as can be provided by ourselves here at TARCG – should...

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Aug 20 592

Baby born on board Coastguard helicopter at 1,400 feet!

Congratulations to the lucky couple who welcomed a baby boy over the weekend, from all of us at Team TARCG! For the full story, Read More

Aug 17 496

Drive launched to recruit hundreds more air traffic controllers

Whether you are a recent employee in the aviation industry now on the lookout for an aviation outplacement service, or you are a student wondering what life may be like in...

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Aug 13 274

Calls to target women to fill looming shortfall of pilots

Many of those involved in business aviation recruiting will have read with interest and potential concern, Boeing’s recent jobs forecast that...

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Aug 03 71

EasyJet on the lookout for more than 1,200 cabin crew staff 

Announcements of new aviation recruiting placements continue to come thick and fast, with the low-cost airline easyJet among the latest to confirm that they have launched...

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Jul 28 1014

*BREAKING NEWS* - Luke Farajallah (Flybe COO) Joins TARCG.com

TARCG Appoints Flybe COO Luke Farajallah as New Chairman


The leading high-quality aviation recruiter TARCG is delighted to...

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Jul 26 79

Northern Irish firm Mallaghan creates 210 new aviation vacancies

Even as the debate surrounding Brexit and its potential impact on the aerospace sector rumbles on, companies are continuing to launch new aviation talent search campaigns....

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Jul 23 457

Flying cars, space robots and jetpacks: Highlights from the biggest aviation event of the year!

Up to 80,000 visiters surveyed the 1,500-plus exhibits, and were no doubt dazzled by the flying displays, of which the Red Arrows, wingwalkers and explosive pyrotechnics featured. For more...

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Jul 20 416

Theresa May says her Brexit blueprint will protect UK aerospace jobs

British Prime Minister Theresa May used her speech opening the Farnborough International Airshow on Monday to reassure attendees that her plan for the UK’s impending departure from the...

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Jul 16 88

Get the Farnborough Feeling! This Weekend!

150 Aircraft! 5 Hours of Unforgettable Flying! Over 600 Exhibitors! Plus Kids Free! (15 and under) For more information on the Farnborough International Airshow, click  Read More

Jul 16 761

Girls in Aviation Day assumes even greater international importance

Gender equality in the workplace should be just as much a concern for the typical aviation recruiter as it is for other types of recruiter. Furthermore, the issue has been...

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Jul 09 261

Aviation Art Showcase Set to Open in London

The Guild of Aviation Artists (GAvA) will host its annual Aviation Paintings of the Year exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London from July 10 to 15, The exhibition is free to visit!! For more...

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Jul 05 124

British Airways owner IAG launches Austrian subsidiary for low-cost short-haul flights

The multinational airline holding firm that owns British Airways, International Airlines Group (IAG), has announced European expansion through a new Austrian subsidiary that will bear the branding...

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Jul 02 80

Here's How Armed Forces Day Was Celebrated Around The World!!

This year marks the 10th Armed Forces Day since it was renamed from Veterans' Day, to recognise all those currently serving and to catch up on all the weekend's events around the...

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Jun 29 195

Irish aviation services company sets up Belfast base, creating 124 Northern Ireland jobs

The United Kingdom’s impending exit from the European Union (EU) has informed many an organisation’s strategy for the years ahead, and certainly given many an aviation recruiter...

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May 31 109

The many fine examples of charity within the aviation industry

One of the most sadly unsung aspects of aviation employers is their extensive work with local communities and charities to hold events and undertake activities that help to make our world a better...

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May 24 1020

Some of the funniest moments in aviation history

An aviation career may be one of the most serious that one can pursue, but that does not mean there isn’t scope for lightness and amusement in this line of work. Indeed, the history of...

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May 17 1110

The best countries to work in aviation

The chance to take to the skies and cross borders may be very much central to the appeal of an aviation career, but even those involved in this industry don’t literally live in the...

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May 11 408

Why shouldn’t you become an airline pilot?

Being an airline pilot can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. After all, there are few experiences quite like being at the helm of a plane sailing above an open ocean, while seemingly...

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May 04 120

What prospective pilots need to know about type ratings

It is easy for the importance of type ratings to be overlooked in any discussion of the requirements for those undergoing pilot training. Indeed, the process of securing a type rating can be one of...

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Apr 30 139

Jet2.com celebrates Stansted anniversary by creating 120 jobs

The low-cost airline Jet2.com has marked the completion of its first year at London Stansted Airport by advertising 120 new vacancies.

The leisure...

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Apr 17 156

The ‘square-jawed warrior’: the story of the Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a

The Royal Aircraft Factory’s S.E.5a – the ‘S.E.’ standing for ‘Scout Experimental’ – was a development of the S.E.5 that had first flown in November 1916,...

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Apr 06 136

The distinguished history of the Bombardier Dash 8

Few turboprop airliners of recent times have enjoyed the longevity or success of the twin-engine medium-range Bombardier Dash 8, which has been in production in its various forms since the early...

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Mar 22 849

TARCG set to attend MRO Americas conference in Florida

We are pleased to confirm to potential clients with an interest in our services as an aviation recruiter that TARCG will be exhibiting at the MRO Americas event scheduled for 10th...

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Mar 22 602

Anzani | Three-cylinder fan

Produced by the motocycle manufacturer, Alessandro Anzani's in 1908-1913, this is Anzani's light three cylinder fan.


Over the years of constructing motorcycles engines,...

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Mar 21 463

Rolls - Royce Type R Engine

Originally designed to win the Schneider Trophy seaplane race, whilst restoring Rolls-Royce's position as Britain's top aero engine manufacturer. Based on the Buzzard V12 engine, which...

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Mar 16 154

British Airways operates UK’s biggest-ever all-female flight

The recent International Women’s Day (IWD), celebrated on Thursday 8th March, saw many an aviation recruiter and employer contemplate the remarkable role that female...

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Mar 13 498

The Wright Flyer

115 years ago on December the 17th, the Wright Flyer, felt it's first gush of a revolution.

It was the Taylor liquid-cooled in-line 4 engine with a total of 12hp and a few stretched...

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Mar 12 777

Top 5 aviation interview questions

As a client using TARCG as your aviation recruiter, one of the key differences between the hiring processes for contract and permanent staff is that whereas in the former...

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Feb 27 299

The remarkable story of the jet engine

We have a long association with jet engines here at TARCG, not least because of our own employees’ experiences of working with them in the hangars, a background that helps us to assist...

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Feb 26 337

"Jumbo Jet" Boeing 747


In 1970 the beast revolutionised commercial air transport as ticket prices fell and the era of mass-market air travel got underway.


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Feb 20 198

The F/A-18 Fighter Jet

The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 is a carrier-based multirole fighter that first flew on 29th November 1995, ahead of a formal introduction in 1999.

With an empty weight of 32,100 lb (14,552...

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Feb 14 1386

Aircraft Engineers: How can you make your CV desirable to the aviation industry?

TARCG is an aviation recruiter that has continued to see strong demand for aviation roles and talent in recent times.

But if you are a candidate looking to craft the...

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Feb 05 337

£210m Ryanair investment at Manchester Airport to create 300 jobs

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has brought some welcome New Year cheer with several major announcements of relevance to those using an aviation recruiter such as TARCG,...

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Jan 12 266

Great news – we now have over 2,000 followers on LinkedIn!

We have a very proud development to share here at TARCG – our increasingly strong social media profile! To be more precise, we can now boast more than 2,000 followers on LinkedIn, and are...

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Jan 11 1337

Welcome our latest recruit, Carly!

Having recently introduced to you our new Chief Operating Officer, Dan Jackson, we thought that here at aviation recruiter TARCG, we would help you to get...

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Jan 09 399

Warnings that trade could suffer in absence of Brexit aviation deal

In words that will concern almost any aviation recruiter keeping a close eye on the ongoing negotiations over the UK's impending departure from the European Union (EU), a...

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Dec 18 369

Announcing TARCG and AVMAC’s partnership

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between leading aviation recruiter TARCG and aviation maintenance and shipboard integration experts AVMAC. Both...

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Dec 08 325

‘Mini-conglomerate’ Rigby Group acquires Bournemouth Airport

The privately-held business Rigby Group has served notice of its intention to become a “significant player” in the “vital regional airports” market by purchasing Bournemouth...

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Dec 01 210

Big expansion of Wizz Air’s Luton base announced

The low-cost Hungarian airline Wizz Air was the subject of one of our recent news updates here at TARCG, when we reported its application for a UK operator’s licence that would enable it to...

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Nov 25 1296

Introducing Our New Chief Operating Officer, Dan Jackson

Introducing our new Chief Operating Officer, Dan Jackson


Here at TARCG, we have always been committed to doing everything we can to be a more effective...

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Nov 20 364

Don’t lose your entire database of candidates! Make sure you prepare for GDPR

“What’s GDPR?”, we hear you say. Well, if you still need to ask that question as an aviation recruiter or online job board, you might have a lot of work to do over the next few...

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Nov 10 1401

New IR35 TaxRule - The End Of Tax Avoiding Contractors?

With the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, having announced that the government will publish its Autumn Budget on Wednesday 22nd November, there has been much speculation as to how...

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Nov 03 335

Jet2 announces creation of over 120 jobs at Birmingham Airport

Following the news we shared in August of Jet2 seeking new cabin crew for 2018, we were delighted to learn that the leisure airline has launched another big hiring...

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Oct 26 215

Hungarian airline applies for licence to fly in post-Brexit UK

Wizz Air, the low-cost airline based in Budapest, has confirmed that it has applied for a UK operator’s licence that will enable it to continue flying in the country after its anticipated...

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Oct 19 282

UK airline vacancies ‘three times greater’ than Monarch redundancies

The recent well-publicised demise of Monarch Airlines was obviously a great disappointment to all of us here at TARCG. It is the kind of news that no aviation recruiter wishes...

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Oct 16 356

Loganair to create 12 jobs with crew base at Durham Tees Valley

Loganair has unveiled plans for a new crew base at Durham Tees Valley Airport that it has said will create 12 jobs. It follows the Scottish regional airline's announcement in August that it was...

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Oct 16 385

EasyJet offers opportunities to ex-Monarch staff

The recent news of the collapse of Monarch Airlines was saddening to hear for any British aviation recruiter such as ourselves here at TARCG, not least given the associated job...

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Sep 29 915

TARCG Partner With The Mighty LUXAIR

"Work in a Good Company" - TARCG are please to announce our latest  partnership with LuxAir. TARCG Will be supporting LuxAir with Contract & Permanent Staff placements. A very big well...

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Sep 28 259

France’s millennial-centric airline reveals Brazil and Seychelles flights

A new airline under the Air France umbrella, known as Joon, has confirmed its first destinations, with flights to Brazil and Seychelles set to launch from next May.

Air France announced its...

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Sep 22 256

Airline boss visits Cambridge to showcase new Stansted to USA flights

Any aviation recruiter likes to see signs that the sector remains in good health. There were certainly such signs in Cambridge recently, as the CEO of Icelandic-owned airline...

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Sep 14 376

Blackpool Airport bought back by council for £4.25m

In a move that has shocked many aviation recruiter businesses and other industry observers, Blackpool Council has stepped in to purchase Blackpool Airport for £4.25m from...

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Sep 11 360

Pilot salaries soar over past five years

If you have registered with an aviation recruiter like TARCG to discover the latest pilots’ jobs presently being advertised, you may also be pleasantly surprised by just...

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Sep 01 2682

5 Tips To Get More Pay In An Aviation Job

As a very active aviation recruiter, we are eager to help people to not only enter the aviation sector, but also take the right opportunities. Once you have gained employment, you...

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Aug 23 359

Documentary series looks at easyJet’s efforts to narrow aviation recruitment gap

As huge numbers of Britons continue to enjoy all of the luxuries and convenience of air travel, the aviation industry has come under such pressure that there is now a global shortage of pilots. The...

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Aug 17 287

Jet2 and easyJet in major recruitment drives

Ambitious people currently or contemplating working with an aviation recruiter like TARCG to gain entrance into this exciting industry may be interested to know of the latest...

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Aug 10 357

Carol Vorderman opens new £12m aviation academy in Norwich

If there’s anything that an aviation recruiter loves to see, it’s a good supply of well-trained candidates for the sector’s many wide-ranging and challenging...

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Jul 25 252

Big growth in aviation traffic and jobs in Shannon

800 aviation and aerospace jobs have been created in Shannon in the five years since Shannon Airport gained independence from the DAA, the Irish Transport Minister has stated, signalling that the...

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Jul 18 2408

6 Reasons Why a High Street Recruiter Should NOT Do Aviation Recruitment!

Is the above declaration a controversial one? Yep, but bear us out.

As a leading aviation recruiter here at TARCG, we just don’t think that general, ‘high...

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Jul 13 271

Female Afghan pilot seeks to promote STEM careers with around-the-world flight

Afghanistan-born pilot Shaesta Waiz has set off on a 90-day solo journey across the globe to inspire young people into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.


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Jul 04 353

New transport minister in ‘pro-aviation’ pledge

UK aviation industry observers with reason for concern about the government’s support for the sector have received reassurance from the new transport minister Lord Callanan, who said that the...

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Jun 26 301

Ryanair boss warns of ‘hard Brexit’ jobs risk

The chief executive of Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has said that tens of thousands of jobs in the UK’s £127-billion-a-year tourist sector could be put at risk by the...

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Jun 20 792

United Airlines hires ex-Obama administration official as it fights to restore reputation

It has been reported by PRWeek that United Airlines has recruited a former Obama administration official, Frank Benenati, as its director of corporate communications, as it continues its efforts to...

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Jun 13 541

Stobart Air €25 million investment to create 60 new jobs

Stobart Air, the Irish airline that is responsible for operating Aer Lingus Regional services under a franchise agreement with Aer Lingus, has confirmed that it will invest €25 million into an...

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May 31 616

Aer Lingus takes on 200 cabin crew as it expands flights

This summer is shaping up to be a busy one for many an aviation recruiter such as ourselves here at TARCG – and it’s a similar story for airlines. Just look at the...

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May 22 848

What impact are the general election and Brexit having on aviation recruitment?

It’s always encouraging to hear great news about the UK aviation industry, and we’ve had more of that great news just this week, EasyJet having announced that it is seeking more pilots...

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May 12 539

When you need to hire for permanent aviation jobs, choose TARCG

Here at TARCG, we take very seriously aerospace employers’ need for a cost and time-effective means of recruiting the right personnel for their open permanent...

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May 08 383

We serve the wide-ranging job search needs of aviation professionals

It seems that the need for the best-qualified and most suitably experienced aviation professionals has never been more pressing. 62.7 million people are...

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May 08 313

IATA affirms importance of global standards, cooperation and data for aviation safety

In news that will interest many a candidate and employer using an aviation HR consultancy or recruitment service like , the trade association for the world’s...

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Mar 10 2064

TARGC: engineering better aerospace recruitment.

Welcome to the new recruitment service run by aviation professionals, for aviation professionals and their employers.

Hello, I'm Sam O'Brien and I have the kind of in-depth...

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