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Development of Dublin Airport ‘could generate almost 34,000 jobs’

As specialists imparting a high level of expertise in aviation for recruiters to take advantage of, here at TARCG, it always pleases us to hear of new fruitful opportunities to boost the number of jobs for those involved in the sector.

Such a story has come recently in the form of a new report indicating that the ongoing development of Dublin Airport could result in the creation of 33,950 jobs over the next 15 years.

Major potential as an international transport hub

The report, commissioned by Aer Lingus and put together by Ernst and Young (EY), also indicated that such development could bring in €18.6bn for the Irish economy.

The publication was entitled Economic Impact of Developing Dublin Airport as a Hub, with a hub airport being one that is served by multiple carriers and airline alliances providing scale in routes, aircraft, crew and passengers.

Which industries would see the greatest numbers of jobs?

EY concluded that it was actually the tourism sector that would account for the majority – 26,990 – of jobs generated as a consequence of such development.

However, aviation jobs were also predictably well-represented, with some 6,960 vacancies likely to be created for aviation professionals and those employed in indirect roles connected to the additional commerce that the developed airport would generate.

As if all of that wasn’t promising enough for many of those drawing upon our in-depth know-how in aviation for recruiters, EY added that the period of construction between 2018 and 2023 would bring about another 1,147 jobs.

Many of the ingredients for success as a hub airport

In comparing Dublin Airport to similar successful hub airports in Dubai and Singapore that had recorded heightened connectivity and economic growth, EY said the Irish airport already had many advantages that would aid its development as a hub.

These included the network carriers that were already active at the airport, as well as a substantial route network, short and long haul, and Ireland’s convenient location for transatlantic routesThe report also drew attention to Ireland’s status as the only country in Europe to have US Pre-Clearance, as is present at Dublin Airport.

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