Sep 22 19

HR professionals expect significant growth in aviation jobs over coming years

The importance of suitably informed aviation consulting for HR professionals – as can be provided by ourselves here at TARCG – should never be understated. This is especially so given that HR staff within the aviation industry can provide invaluable insights into the future direction of the sector.

Indeed, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has just recently undertaken a global survey of such HR professionals, with fascinating findings in relation to talent acquisition, training and retention.

What did the poll respondents have to say?

Many of those contemplating the merits of aviation consulting for HR professionals in their own hiring departments may be interested to read that over 73% of those replying to the IATA survey expected ground operations, customer service and cabin crew to be the major areas of job growth.

However, 48% of HR staff quizzed also said it was a challenge to find new talent, not only due to insufficient numbers of candidates with the right skill levels and qualifications, but also because of some new applicants’ salary expectations.

As well as each employee’s salary and benefits package, the surveyed HR professionals said that career progression opportunities (49%) and development and training (33%) were high priorities in job satisfaction and retention.

It should alarm many readers, however, to learn that just 28% of respondents considered current training to be effective, as many firms look to bolster their training by combining their in-house efforts with the use of external partners.

Customer service and safety are key emphases for aviation hiring managers

Reflecting oft-expressed sentiments among aviation HR staff about the crucial role of safety and customer service skills, about 75% of those polled anticipated greater numbers of customer service, ground operations and cabin crew jobs over the next two years.

This compares to the 65% of respondents that expected an increase in security jobs, and the 63% that predicted regulatory positions would go up.

“An exciting time to be in this business”

IATA Director of Training and Consulting, Guy Brazeau, stated: “It is an exciting time to be in this business. We were really looking forward to receiving the results of this industry survey and we hope it can be helpful to guide HR professionals in their decisions regarding staffing planning, training opportunities and areas to focus on as our industry grows to unprecedented levels.”

As a recruitment agency and consultancy founded and run by aviation professionals, with a focus solely on this industry, we are well-placed here at TARCG to provide the highest standard of aviation consulting for HR professionals within your own firm.

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