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Sofia, Bulgaria: an eclectic, fascinating and unsung destination for aviation professionals

It is difficult to know where to start in any discussion of the charms, attractions and stimulations of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia – not because it has so little, but because it has so many.

The city situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in the western part of the country may not be the most obvious place to move for many of the professionals who contact us about our aviation outplacement expertise, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.

Indeed, we presently have a variety of aviation roles on offer in this location – so what awaits you if you decide to set up home in this intriguingly underrated corner of Europe?

Just the place to enjoy a satisfying and attainable lifestyle

While Sofia has a well-established reputation as one of the most affordable European capitals, it is far from a mere ‘bargain basement’ place to live, work and play.

Sofia has been a human settlement for more than 7,000 years, and such a long history is reflected in its widely varying architecture, from the 4th-century Church of St George to the imposing facade of the structure housing Bulgaria’s National Opera and Ballet.

Many more cultural and recreational attractions are ripe for exploration in Sofia, such as the National Archaeological Museum, National Gallery and National Museum of Natural History.

There are also many pleasant green spaces like Borisova Gradina and City Garden, as well as plentiful shopping opportunities at the likes of Central Sofia Market Hall and TZUM Central Department Store.

Top 5 attractions in Sofia

·       St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

·       Vitosha Mountain

·       Muzeiko

·       Ivan Vazov National Theatre

·       Boyana Waterfall

Top 5 places to eat in Sofia

·       Petrus

·       Happy Bar & Grill Rakovski

·       Raja Bali

·       Gelateria Naturale

·       Furna

Top 5 bars in Sofia

·       Bar FlipFlop

·       OSCAR Club

·       Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar

·       The Irish Harp

·       Barabar

Look no further for the latest exciting aviation outplacement opportunities

Since the establishment of our company in 2016, TARCG has come to be known as one of the leading providers of aviation outplacement services. We can bring you various openings for roles in Sofia that enable you to make the next big step in your aerospace career, while also enjoying the many pleasures and rewards of life in this affordable and unsung European capital.

Simply contact the TARCG teamupload your CV or perform a search of our present database of jobs to discover how you could soon be carving out an enthralling future as an aviation professional in Bulgaria or elsewhere on the continent. 

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