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TARCG joins forces with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to drive even greater results

TARCG joins forces with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to drive even greater results

As the statutory corporation responsible for regulating all aspects of civil aviation in the United Kingdom, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been a strong presence in British life since 1972.

Now, the results that both the CAA and TARCG are able to achieve have been boosted still further by a new partnership between the regulator and specialist aviation recruiting firm.

What does the CAA do?

The CAA has many key responsibilities as the UK’s specialist aviation regulator. These include working to ensure the British aviation sector meets the highest safety standards and that consumers benefit from excellent choice, value for money, fair treatment and protection when they fly.

The body is also concerned with the effective management of security risks inherent to the aviation industry, as well as the environmental impact of aviation on local communities and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The CAA is a public corporation that was established by Parliament in the early 1970s, with the UK government requiring all of its costs to be met from charging those that it regulates or provides with a service.

Providing stability and harmonisation in a fast-changing world

While many consumers will be aware of the ATOL holiday financial protection scheme that the CAA also runs, they may not be so familiar with the vital work undertaken by the body in conjunction with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in compliance with the worldwide safety regulations set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Such work is crucial in an era in which most aviation regulation and policy is harmonised across the globe to deliver consistent levels of safety and consumer protection. It will certainly not cease to be important amid the uncertainty brought to the wider aviation industry by the UK’s impending exit from the European Union.

High hopes for our latest partnership

We have long taken great pride in our own influential relationships with various key aviation industry players here at TARCG, and there can simply no greater players within the UK than the CAA.

When you are seeking to make decisive headway in the sector with the assistance of the best-qualified aviation recruiting firm, whether as a client firm or candidate, there can be no finer choice of agency with which to partner than ourselves.

We can’t wait to start achieving significant results in our latest alliance with the CAA, which promises to bring considerable benefits to everyone and every organisation that works with us.

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