After 25 years as the Slovak capital, Bratislava increasingly impresses as an aviation jobs market

    Slovakia may have only become an independent state in 1993 – with Bratislava its capital – but this formerly Communist corner of Europe has recorded stellar economic growth over the last few decades.

    It’s something that no user of a European aviation recruiter such as TARCG should ignore, not least as the city is becoming quite the destination for aerospace professionals.

    An unassuming city, undergoing a renaissance

    Until recently, Bratislava was in the shadow of more fashionable capitals across the ‘Old Continent’ like Vienna, Prague and Budapest, as a place to both live and visit.

    The situation has drastically altered since the 1990s, however, with the young country’s largest city now emphatically punching above its weight.

    The development of the city’s tech and media industries has dovetailed with the rediscovery of its enchanting historic architecture and the remarkable views possible across the Danube, which is the second longest river in Europe.

    Such factors also all lend themselves to plenty of opportunities for those working alongside an aviation recruiter like TARCG, aided by the proximity – a mere nine kilometres (5.6 miles) from the city centre – of Bratislava Airport.

    What can you see and do in Bratislava?

    Many of the factors that have led tourists to flock to Bratislava in recent years – including the city’s affordability and wealth of interesting things to do and see – also makes this part of central Europe an alluring proposition if you are offered a position in the local aviation sector.

    There is certainly a strong complement of cultural institutions, reflecting Bratislava’s historically multicultural character, including the likes of the Slovak National Theatre, the Slovak National Museum and the Slovak National Gallery.

    However, the city is also home to family-friendly attractions such as Aquapark Senec, Thermalpark Dunajská Streda and Bratislava Zoo. Relaxing open green spaces like Sad Janka Kráľa and Medická Záhrada are available to Bratislava residents, too, together with such instantly recognisable tourist draws as those below.

    Top 5 attractions in Bratislava

    · Bratislava Castle

    · Devín Castle

    · Michael’s Gate

    · St Martin’s Cathedral

    · Old Town Hall

    Top 5 places to eat in Bratislava

    · Albrecht

    · Modrá Hviezda

    · BeAbout

    · 17’s BAR

    · Mondieu

    Top 5 bars in Bratislava

    · SPIN Cocktail Bar

    · Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar

    · WINE NOT?

    · The Taste – Wine & Food

    · Zámocký Pivovar

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