TARCG’s Victoria Delahaye gains ACCA FMAAT BSc (Hons) qualification – and is appointed as finance and administration director

    We couldn’t be prouder here at aviation executive recruiters TARCG, to confirm that our very own Victoria Delahaye has been promoted to the position of our Director of Finance and Administration.

    It comes after she successfully became Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) FMAAT BSc (Hons) qualified - a fitting testament to her years of hard work.

    “I’m proud to be part of a globally recognised qualification”

    It took Victoria five years to complete her ACCA qualification, although she also studied an Oxford Brookes degree during that time, including an ACCA associated dissertation.
    Reflecting on the accomplishment of her goal, Victoria commented: “It’s a massive personal and career achievement to reach the end of my ACCA studies. I’m proud to be part of a globally recognised qualification, and the wealth of knowledge I have learned along the way is absolutely invaluable to me and the business I work for.

    “As part of ACCA we have to engage in continued professional development, so my learning doesn’t stop here. But to have those internationally recognised letters after my name is a real achievement.”

    Reflecting on invaluable support from the aviation executive recruiters

    Victoria has already spent over two years as part of the TARCG team, and is now looking forward to making an even greater contribution in her new role. Before then, however, she took a moment to reflect on how the aviation executive recruiters had helped her on her journey to ACCA status.

    She observed: “When I started with TARCG I was already part way through my qualification; however, Sam [O’Brien, TARCG CEO and Founder) recognised the value of my studies and was hugely supportive in me continuing and completing my course.

    “I was supported financially and with time to study, as having a young family can make it hard to fit everything in. I cannot thank Sam and TARCG enough for their support in getting me to the finish line.”

    The next stage of an already-strong relationship with TARCG

    Victoria added, on being appointed the aviation executive recruiters’ new finance and administration director: “On completing my course, I had now been with TARCG for just over two years, and I am already personally invested in the success of the business and my colleagues. So for me, there was no better place that I wanted to become a partner of its future.

    “I approached Sam with my request to become director as a natural career progression, alongside the already amazing board at TARCG, and he was more than pleased to offer me the position and happy that I wanted to be part of TARCG’s long-term future.

    “I have always worked closely with Sam and the board and they are some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever worked with, so I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by more influential people to learn and grow with as a young director.”

    As for what it was about her new role that most excited her, Victoria said: “For me, just being instrumental in the decisions that help make TARCG’s future a hugely successful one, is a great privilege and the ability to continue my learning journey with such a great team.”

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